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Ocean Colour Scene

Anthology [2CD]

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Release Date: 01/09/2003

Discs: 1

Britpop sensations Ocean Colour Scene are given a retrospective on the 20-track ANTHOLOGY, which includes the songs "One of Those Days," "Circle," "Better Day," and "I Am the News." The group's appealing blend of R&B, psychedelia, and classic rock is well represented throughout.

Disc 1
1. One of Those Days
2. Sway
3. Yesterday Today
4. Giving It All Away
5. Do Yourself a Favour
6. Riverboat Song
7. You've Got It Bad
8. Day We Caught the Train
9. Circle
10. Hundred Mile High City
11. Travellers Tune
12. Better Day
13. It's a Beautiful Thing
14. Profit in Peace
15. So Low
16. July
17. I Am the News
18. Up on the Down Side
19. Mechanical Wonder
20. Crazy Lowdown Ways
21. Another Girl's Name
22. My Brother Sarah
23. Mona Lisa Years
24. Seventh Floor
25. Robin Hood
26. Face Smiles Back Easily
27. Falling to the Floor
28. Hello Monday
29. Song for the Front Row
30. On the Way Home
31. Best Bet on Chinaski
32. On and On
33. Mariners Way
34. Expensive Chair
35. If You Get Your Way
36. Flood Tide Rising
37. Free on the Wind
38. I Was
39. Come Home
40. Best Friends and Lovers