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Ocean Colour Scene

Collection CD Album

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Release Date: 27/08/2007

Discs: 1

This budget-priced Collection features 18 seemingly random tracks from '90s British trad rock outfit Ocean Colour Scene. While it may pique the interest of someone who has never heard the group, it pales in comparison to 2001's Songs for the Front Row: The Very Best of Ocean Colour Scene, which was as streamlined a sampler as one could hope for. Fans looking for something with a little more weight should check out 2003's two-disc Anthology. ~ James Christopher Monger

Disc 1
1. Sway
2. Giving It All Away
3. Do Yourself a Favour
4. The Riverboat Song
5. You've Got It Bad
6. The Day We Caught the Train
7. The Circle
8. Day Tripper (Electric Ballroom Live Version)
9. Hundred Mile High City
10. Chicken Bones and Stones
11. Travellers Tune
12. Soul Driver
13. The Best Bet on Chinaski
14. Best Friends and Lovers
15. Foxy's Folk Faced
16. I Wanna Stay Alive with You
17. Robin Hood
18. Jane She Got Excavatedon VH1]